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I don’t understand how it’s possible that no one could have imagined this. I saw the movie ‘Outbreak’ nearly two decades ago, and this is exactly how Ebola spread and became a very dramatic national catastrophe. Why weren’t there things in place, because you can’t say we couldn’t imagine this. It was in a Hollywood movie.

-"View" Co-Host Nicole Wallace weighs in on the U.S. Ebola outbreak

The former GOP presidential candidate shares his thoughts on the U.S. economy which he says is “bumping along” and talks about the minimum wage which he thinks should be raised. Romney says the GOP should needs to promote what they stand for better and that is “more jobs, better pay.” He then goes on to discuss Benghazi, calls Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State a “very substantial liability” for a potential 2016 run, says Obama “sat back and watched” Putin take action on Ukraine and commented on the rising GOP stars of 2016.