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Photo by Noah Berger/Reuters Photo by Noah Berger/Reuters Photo by Noah Berger/Reuters Seth Wenig/AP Photo by Noah Berger/Reuters Peter Foley/EPA

Pride parades bring rainbows and rights to cities across country

Millions of people took to the streets across the country this weekend to champion gay rights, culture, and creative costumes celebrating all of the above.

This year’s attendees have a lot to celebrate: this year has seen judge after judge strike down gay marriage bans in states like Arkansas, Indiana, Utah, and Idaho, giving momentum to the movement and enabling the unions of thousands across the country.

The parades are scheduled annually to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall riots; this year is the 45th year since patrons of the Stonewall Inn bar violently protested the regular raids that shut down gay bars and arrested patrons. Those protests are largely seen as the mother of the modern gay rights movement.

Here are snapshots from three of the largest parades, in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago: