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    And we just received another tuition hike…
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  8. andiecast answered: There are conflicting reports, but the $225K was not paid by the students. It was privately funded.
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  10. yeezthem answered: what were they expecting??
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  14. pattie915 said: She should charge that she offers lots of knowledge
  15. nbaheat3 answered: I just do not Care. #Readyforhillary
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  17. blazintommyd said: most likely using them to pay off the debt from this…
  18. blazintommyd answered: most likely using them to pay off the debt from this…
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    I am almost positive that most people’s reactions to this will be the same based on their understanding or lack thereof...
  20. poetfire answered: a bargain
  21. usa2z answered: It’s worth saying that several politicans get this treatment. That being saild, of course they shouldn’t
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  23. avalon-nyc answered: she give the fee back and donate it the tuition of student with financial need.
  24. albdamned answered: hypocritical when considering the content of the speeches and how she then speaks out against those banks later to the “plebs”, Warren4Prez!
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  26. strivingforanonymity answered: is she paying her taxes? :p
  27. giantsorcowboys said: The intent of the writers of the US Constitution was not to have public servants profit from their public service. They envisioned those servants quietly returning to private lives after public service.